WATER SHOP CONCEPT: A socially responsible, environmentally sound and economically profitable business model

Trunz Water Systems is targeting a next level with the WATER SHOP CONCEPT. This innovative solution is going one step further by using renewable energy and exceptionally energy efficient water treatment units to operate water shops in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

The WATER SHOP CONCEPT is by far more than a technical solution – it is our vision to achieve maximum impact such as:

  • providing access to clean drinking water and energy for an affordable price
  • establishing sanitary installations in order to improve health conditions
  • reducing poverty by establishing microentrepreneurship and small-scale trade
  • producing green energy to operate the water shop sustainably
  • raising awarness for topics related to water, sanitation and health


The operation of water shops is already established in some areas and remarkable success has been achieved.


In order to achieve maximum support the concept forsees to involve all stakeholders. The shop concept acts as a catalyst for low-income and has positive impact for small-scale trade possibilities. The concept provides relieve to the people who did not have access to safe water in the past. The people are served with affordable and reliable water.

1 Credit grants
Financial institutes, funds, development organisations etc. are granting a credit to the Franchise Organisation. Similar to microcredit foundations, they provide pro-poor financing and act as supervisor to the Franchise Organisation. The investment has to be profit orientated yet socially responsible and sustainable.

2 Franchise Organisation
The shop infrastructure is owned by a Franchise Organisation who will be established for this purpose. The Franchise Organisation may be the local Water Authority or another organisation. They are responsible to search for water shop operators and issue franchise contracts. The Franchise Organisation is responsible for installation, maintenance and training of new shop operators and has to appoint one person who is responsible to visit each water shop operator every two weeks in order to collect earnings and provide assistance for sales or technical issues.

3 Advisory Board
The Advisory Board will act as the independent organisation for recommendations to social, cultural and technical issues. The Advisory Board secures regular controlling of rules and regulations. The Advisory Board consists of leaders within the community, development committees or other organisations. They are involved in the implementation of the water shop concept but without any commercial aspect. Their goal is to secure independence and ongoing operation of the water shops free from any political, religious or other circumstances.

4 Water Shop Operators
The Operator sells safe drinking water for an affordable price. The price is set in advance in each country by the water sector regulation organisation. All cash which he/she has collected is deposited with the operator until the Franchise Organisation will collect the money. The Operator has to pay the Franchise Organisation each month according to the water meter and receives a commission for every liter of water sold. The Operator may sell other goods related to sanitary/hygiene and healthcare which could be financed by a preliminary micro-credit. Further, the Operator is responsible to keep the shop clean and has to report any technical or other problems to the franchise organisation. The shop has regular opening hours.

5 Provider of technical Equipment
Trunz Water Systems is the technical partner providing the water treatment and solar equipment. The Swiss company is the market leader for decentralised drinking water treatment systems which are powered by renewable energy resources like wind or solar power.