Drinking water and electricity - anywhere and at anytime - from solar and wind power

Trunz Water Systems provides different types of water treatment and desalination systems, depending on the application and water source.

          Mobile use         Stationary use         Container
          incl. solar energy supply         external energy supply*         incl. solar energy supply
Freshwater         TWS 300         TWB 003         TWC
          Survivor 300         TWU 003          
                    TWM 001          
Brackish water         TBS 300         TBB 003         TBC
Seawater         TSS 300         TSB 003         TSC
          Aquifier 200         TWU 010          

*external energy supply:
either grid power, generator or
Trunz Solar Power Center

Further products

Trunz Water Trailer
Mobile, independent unit for disaster relief & military application.
Equipped with a solar powered water treatment system (TWS 300, TBS 200 or TSS 200).