Emergency Water Supply and Disaster Response

More and more frequently natural disasters occur which deal out destruction and enormous damage. 2010, 15 strong earthquakes were counted worldwide. Sadly, most often they affect people who live in rather poor regions.

    • Are we prepared in order to help in case of emergency?
    • How do we act – without bureaucracy and immediately?
    • Why did it take more than a week until Haiti was served with clean water?
    • How long can a human being survive without water?

The chance of survival of a human:

    • without air approx. six minutes (without permanent damage)
    • without water up to three days
    • without food up to three weeks


Emergency Water Supply is a disaster response concept for drinking water supply within 72 hours after a natural disaster.

We can achieve this with...

    • mobile, independent water treatment systems
    • an organised water distribution
    • personnel who operate the unit
    • partners who implement the concept


Trunz Water Systems is seeking for well prepared and coordinated partners for the emergency water supply to a disaster area.


Water supply after natural disasters:

2010 Mexico

2010 Haiti

2005 Pakistan