Bharat Technology


The academic semester consists of not less than 80 days of instruction excluding public holidays, examination days and vacation. The examination pattern includes 30% internal assessment and & 70% university examination. The progress of the students will be regularly monitored and the parents are requested to contact the deputy Registrar (Examinations) from time to time to observe their wards performance.


  • Students should have a minimum of 75% attendance in order to be eligible to appear at the university examination of each semester. If a student fails to attend theory and practical classes, he/she has to deposit a fine fixed by the committee at the end of the month, failing which his/her name will be struck off from that attendance register. If he or she continues this habit for a month he/she will be debarred from the college.
  • Unless a student satisfies the required percentage of attendance and clears all his/her dues before filling of the forms/registrations for university examination, he/she will not be eligible to appear at the end- semester examination conducted by the university.

Payment of Fees

Tuitions and other fees should be paid to the institution at the time of the admission including post dated cheques for entire session & the student should obtain a valid receipt from the accounts section.

PDC for remaining semesters has to be given in advance at the time of admission.

Foreign student also should pay their tuition & other fees.

Foreign students should arrange their prescribed fee & the other expense like, Hostel, Examination etc., before leaving the country to avoid hardship after the arrival in the college.

Affiliated Hostel

The Admission to Hostels is on "FIRST COMES FIRST SERVICE BASIS".

Prescribed Hostel Deposit and the monthly fee should be remitted along with the application.

Inmates of each room are jointly responsible for the furniture and the fittings in the room and any damage is recoverable from them. A student admitted to a Hostel has no option to claim single or double accommodation and will have to accommodate himself / herself in the room allotted with two or more Inmates.

A student is required to join the Hostel only after confirming that the facilities available are suitable to him/her. After joining no complaint or request will be entertained.

Students are not allowed to use electrical appliances Iike Radio, Tape Recorder, Heater, Iron Box etc, In the hostel. If it is detected the appliances will be sized by the authorities of the Hostel and fine will be levied.

Smoking and consuming alcoholic drinks is strictly prohibited. In case it is detected him/she will be sent out of the Hostel immediately.

Students will not keep or bring any valuables inside the hostel. Hostel authority will not be held responsible in case or the theft or loss.

All boarders should obey the rules or regulations of the Hostel framed from time to time.

Students are not allowed bring outsiders, friend, relatives inside the hostel. The Superintendent/ warden are empowered to implement new rules as & when necessary for the smooth and efficient running of the Hostel.

Any infringement of rules and regulation of the Hostel amounts to severe offence and the students is liable to be dismissed from both Hostel & college.

Note : Fees and other payments once made to the institution will not be refunded under any circumstances.