Bharat Technology


  • Introducee specialization in M.Pharm, Pharm.D&Ph.D courses in Pharmacy.
  • Progress towards accreditation from NBA, AICTE; New Delhi.
  • Develop of Alumni Association and E.Cell and strengthen their activities.
  • Collaborate with renowned Pharmaceutical industry, Academic Institute for developing Industry-Institute interaction.
  • Motivate the staff for higher education and research, publication and professional activities enhance the field of pharmacy and contribute to the welfare of clients as well as society.
  • Be sensitive towards academic rules &regulations.
  • Establish standards and targets for monitoring, reviewing, developing of learning and teaching, discipline and time and feedback to be taken into account.
  • Include appropriate atmosphere for learning, innovation and optimization of individual trials.
  • Groom the students to be quality contributors to the healthcare systems of the society.
  • Develop originality and positive approach amongst students along with positive attitude so as to have competitive edge.